When will an Israeli leader find some balls?

Some might think that the ceasefire between Israel and the Hamas terrorists is a good thing. I mean, the fighting will stop and everyone can carry on as normal—what’s there not to like, right?

Wrong. The only party the ceasefire is useful for is Hamas (and its sister terrorist organisations). It gives the terrorists a perfect time for rearmament (in fact, the word hudna—truce—means exactly time off from fighting to gather strength and renew weapons and ammunition supplies to continue stronger and more destructive), and soon enough we will see another barrage of rockets falling onto Israel.

I mean—we’ve all seen this before.

There have been so many ceasefires between Israel and Hamas that I can’t even count them any more. And every single time they’ve ended with yet another Hamas attack on Israeli civilians. Be it rockets, suicide terrorists or bombs left on buses.

Only moments after the ceasefire was announced today, five Grad rockets were fired from Gaza onto Israel. One of them destroyed yet another civilian house. And the politicians seem to know that even though there is going to be a truce, it won’t mean anything. Dan Meridor, Deputy Prime Minister of Israel, said very clearly that even after the ceasefire deadline, it is possible that southern Israel will continue to experience sporadic rocket fire, as reported by The Times of Israel.

At 20:22 Israel time (18:22 UK time), The Times also said that

Numerous rockets have been fired in the past several minutes at towns and cities across southern Israel. Sirens have been blaring nonstop.
Rockets have scored direct hits on a house in Beersheba and Ashdod, and at least six rockets have been intercepted over Beersheba and one over Ashdod.
Another hit is reported in the town of Netivot.

That must be one hell of a ceasefire that everybody must be happy with, right?

It wouldn’t be half as frustrating if we hadn’t seen this all before. This happens every single time Israel is making concessions it shouldn’t be making. To accept yet another ceasefire with an unprincipled bunch of terrorists is so incredibly short-sighted that I cannot find words to describe my anger and disappointment with the Israeli leadership.

And even for this extremely fragile hudna, Israel is paying a heavy price. Apparently, according to the deal, Israel will have to end its policy of assassinating top Hamas officials and pledges to ease its blockade on Gaza, after a brief cooling-off period. No doubt that Israel will oblige, but I can be absolutely confident that Hamas won’t.

I do understand that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is in a difficult position. But I think that for once should at least one Israeli leader find his balls, tell the “international community” to fuck the fuck off, and do what’s necessary for Israel, not for some foreign politicians who know fuck-all how it is to live in constant fear.

Go into Gaza. Take the terrorists out. Wipe Hamas to hell where it belongs. With Hamas existing 30 miles from Tel Aviv, there will never be enduring peace—or not even enduring truce.

Mark my words, we will see this all over and over again. I’m horrified by saying this, and I pray for these words not to be true, but my historical intelligence tells me we’d be very, very wrong if we thought this time it’s going to end differently.

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