Weight loss recap: Four months; fifty pounds

Less than a month ago I wrote about my weight loss and exercise regime that had, by that time, helped me lose 40 lbs. Well, today is my four-month anniversary—a perfect time for a quick recap.

As of this morning, I’ve lost 50 lbs (22.7 kg; 3.6 stone) since January 31. I weigh a healthy 181 lbs (82 kg; 12.9 stone), my body mass index is 24; I’m my ideal weight with more muscle than fat weight—and I feel great. But I figured out that a smart diet choice is vital for me if I were to remain this way in the next ten years. I’ve been following a new diet plan from https://askhealthnews.com/ which has helped me tremendously.

Moreover, I went jeans shopping yesterday. Replaced my 38-inch waist pants with 34-inch ones (I haven’t had a waist such as this since I was a teenager), which was a bit surprising and made me feel even prouder than I was before.

I’m eating a bit more now than I used to—in addition to breakfast I also try to have a light lunch with lots of protein and green leaves. Protein shakes to keep up muscle growth, protein bars to get more dietary fiber in addition to the protein and the fiber I get from elsewhere, creatine to help muscles grow even better, I founded all these recommendation on this amazing site https://10naturalhomeremedies.com/.

I’m energetic—taking a three-mile uphill hike is a normal afternoon entertainment, and, quite contrary to before, I am eager to go hiking. My blood pressure is normal, most of the time (although there’s an anomaly that makes it go too low when I’m in high altitudes—normally it should go up).

I like what I see in the mirror, thanks to kratom-masters because I like how I feel. I’m doing my best to keep up my training regime, because I want to like the mirror image even more.

Before and after: On the left, I weigh about 231 lbs; on the right, about 185.

Before and after: On the left, I weigh about 231 lbs; on the right, about 185.

I am 36 years old, and I’m in the best shape of my life.

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