UPS can get its feet out if its ass if pressed, but nobody presses

A couple of days ago I complained about how UPS treats its customers by flying parcels around the world and then keeping them stuck at a warehouse instead of delivering them right away.

Well, after my parcel had been stuck in Louisville, KY, for over 30 hours, I decided to send them a rather polite—considering my irritation level—Facebook message, asking for an explanation.

Needless to say, they didn’t explain anything, even though they replied and assured me that the parcel is still scheduled to be delivered today.

And then, something magical happened—UPS got its feet out of its ass and started moving!

Delivery history.

As you can see from the shipment progress screenshot, suddenly they managed to get an import scan, put it on a truck and get it moving. 39 hours after my parcel arriving at the Louisville warehouse, it was finally on its way.

So, within the next 24 hours, the package traveled from Louisville to Hodkins, IN, to Chicago, IL, to my doorstep. And I was really pleased to finally get my hands onto it.

But imagine, had UPS done all that immediately when the package arrived in Louisville, I would have got my eagerly anticipated parcel two days ago. And, of course, had UPS not sent my parcel on a world tour, I would’ve got it almost a week ago.

All’s well that ends well, right? Well, no. Because the next time I order something, they are prone to fuck up as badly, if not worse. And after that maybe even worse.

The sad thing here is, when we order something online, it’s not us who gets to pick the delivery service, it’s the merchant. I’m sure merchants know how utterly shitty UPS is, but they still use its services—partly because they’re cheap, partly because they’re used to it, and partly because they don’t give a flying fuck when their customers get their stuff. Because they’ve already paid, so who cares.

When merchants change this attitude, and stop using services that are shitty to deliver their customers their stuff, then companies like UPS will start changing and paying more attention. But that pressure needs to come from merchants.

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