TV miniseries ‘The Promise’: Outrageous anti-Israeli propaganda

British film director Peter Kosminsky is something of a genius. He achieved what many have failed—creating the best recipe for one of the worst anti-Israeli propaganda one can remember from recent history.

It’s all really very simple. All you need is a naïve British girl, who doesn’t know anything about the world; an ultra-left young Israeli gentleman who, after serving in the army, has somehow reached a conclusion that he was a tool of utmost oppression and is trying to make up for it; and a heart-bleeding screenplay that ignores every single fact of history and creates its own alternative reality that it serves as the truth.

It’s a story of a young British girl Erin who travels to Israel with her friend Eliza who is about to serve in the IDF. Erin brings along the diaries of her grandfather who used to serve as a British soldier in the British Mandate of Palestine in the 1940ies. The series depicts parallel stories of Erin’s adventures in modern-day Israel and her grandfather’s experiences during the Mandate. Unfortunately, the whole four episodes of the series are full of cruel and in fact historically incorrect bits of anti-Israeli propaganda.

The series depict the Jews as murderous thugs who attacked and brutally murdered hundreds of people, both Brits and Arabs, and driving the latter out of their homes. It completely ignores the fact that it was the Arab states who attacked Israel right after the Jewish State proclaimed independence, and that those Arab states, not Israel, drove their own people who lived in Eretz Yisrael out of their homes. The series also show Erin’s grandfather Len as a “heroic” British soldier who saves an Arab family from a Jewish-organised massacre in Haifa, and depict the battle in Deir Yassin exactly as anti-Israeli propaganda has done for years—as a ruthless massacre, contrary to the fact that numerous historians have proven otherwise (not to mention that the show has “moved” Deir Yassin near Haifa!). And “The Promise” completely ignores the siege of Jerusalem and numerous other Arab raids against Jewish villages during which hundreds of people were brutally slaughtered.

When showing life in modern-day Israel, the series depict Jews as people who spit and throw rocks at Arabs for their own amusement, while IDF soldiers look on and do nothing to protect them. The show also implies that suicide bombings are essentially Israel’s own fault and heavily criticises Israeli policy to flatten the homes of suicide bombers.

It’s nothing new for Channel 4 though. After all, they did invite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deliver an “alternative Christmas message” a few years ago. But it’s still extremely saddening that such propaganda finds its way to hundreds of thousands of homes and makes millions of people to think that this is how the history in that very complex region actually happened—bad Jews, good Arabs and victimised Brits.

“The Promise” is still available on 4oD, if anyone wants to waste six hours of their lives.

And as if “The Promise” wasn’t enough, apparently there’s an upcoming film called “The Promised Land” (starring Colin Firth) that is, according to some sources, going to be ultra-pro-Palestinian.

What newspapers and experts have had to say about “The Promise”:

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