The first impressions of iOS 7

iOS 7 looks as amazing as it is.

iOS 7 looks as amazing as it is.

1. It looks amazing. And yes, I know, many people say Apple is all about looks, but for fuck’s sake, it does look amazing.

2. Everything works. Every app I’ve run so far works. Even the old ones. Except for Whatsapp.

3. It is raw, buggy and slightly unstable. The phone seems to reboot at random moments, but the good news is, it takes about two to three seconds. I can live with it.

4. Change your background image. No matter what you had before, it doesn’t work any more. The redesign and “flattening” has made any background image look strange.

5. Prepare for millions of updates. I don’t know whether that’s a bug or not, but it seems it needs to update every single app you have. It updates them automatically though, so you don’t have to do anything. But it fucks up Whatsapp, apparently. Not sure why. Yet.

6. Yesterday, when I watched the WWDC, I noticed how quite a lot of the new iOS resembled the ancient Palm WebOS, one day regarded as one of the best phone OSs available. Verdict—yes, it does. For example multitasking and closing running apps—copied exactly from WebOS. I love it.

7. The weather app is beautiful. And I don’t care whether it’s copied from Yahoo. It’s just beautiful.

8. The email app works amazingly quickly. You don’t have to wait ages before the unnecessary emails get deleted, it happens in an instant.

9. When you move your phone, the background image moves along with it. Again, I know it’s not much of a feature, but it’s just neat.

10. Can’t innovate any more? My arse.

I’m sure I’ll find many things I don’t like about it as it really is the first beta, but hey, all software is buggy when it’s in beta. I like what I see and I’m happy Apple’s got their shit together and started doing what they do best—creating a better world.

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