Thank you, Steve Jobs!

The world has lost a great visionary.

The world has lost a great visionary.

It must have been 1998 when I touched an Apple computer for the very first time. It was an iMac G3, sitting alone in the back of the IT department of my then-employer.

For a PC-user it certainly felt weird. I had been using PCs and Windows since 1992 and hadn’t even thought that computing can possibly be different from what Microsoft had to offer. I of course knew of the existence of Apple and its computers, but I had never given much thought to how they would be like to use.

As I said, it felt weird. The mouse only had one button, the entire layout of Mac OS was so completely different from what I had been used to, and it took me a while to understand why and how it actually operates.

Then came the reckoning, and I was smitten. I had completely fallen in love with the machine and the operating system and I couldn’t understand why all computers weren’t like this. The look, the feel, the ease of use—these were only a few things that were astonishing about the G3. I knew that it could only get better.

Unfortunately I didn’t possibly have resources to buy an Apple computer. All computers were insanely expensive back then and I could only afford the cheaper end ones, or the ones my employers provided me with. And none of them believed in Apple. Only a few designers had them—and these people were the kings of the office in my eyes.

So the first time I bought my very own Apple was in 2006—eight years after getting to know it. It was a used PowerBook G4 with Mac OS X and it cost about as much as I earned a month. But for the first time I was completely and entirely happy with the computer I owned.

Later came the MacBook. In 2007, I started working at a company who actually believed in Apple. All their computers were MacBooks or iMacs. Some of the MacBooks were white, a few were black. I had the latter, and I absolutely loved it. I think also partly thanks to the computer I worked at home every evening, doing 12-14-hour days—I just didn’t want to put it down. Think of the amounts of work I accomplished! And for the company, providing Apple computers to its employees was giving an extra incentive—still not many firms offered anything like it.

I am writing this on my MacBook Pro i5. It’s the most precious material possession I have. Oh, I’m sure computers can get better than this, but only the ones that have a bitten apple logo on their lids.

I have used tens of different computers and operating systems. I have used all versions of MS Windows (and I don’t hate all of them, on the contrary, I think Windows 7 is pretty neat). I’ve used many different Linux distributions and liked quite many of them.

But nothing, absolutely nothing compares to Mac OS. And no design compares to the beauty of Apple.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for creating a wonderful world.

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