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Israel should go “all the way” in Gaza

The editor-in-chief of the Times of Israel, David Horovitz, speculates in his blog post on why Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, is hesitant to go “all the way” in Gaza. He offers a few potential explanations, among them that maybe … Continue reading

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It’s time to let the old terrorist go

I have always believed that a person’s actions define what one is. And the bad deeds always prevail over the good deeds. So if one has killed hundreds of people and then, years later becomes “good”, then one’s still a … Continue reading

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When will an Israeli leader find some balls?

Some might think that the ceasefire between Israel and the Hamas terrorists is a good thing. I mean, the fighting will stop and everyone can carry on as normal—what’s there not to like, right? Wrong. The only party the ceasefire … Continue reading

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Cuba, part X: The city where Cuba’s fate was sealed

Had events in Santa Clara in December 1958 turned out otherwise, Cuba’s recent history might have been completely different. It was in Santa Clara where the world’s most infamous terrorist Ernesto “Che” Guevara sealed Cuba’s fate for coming decades, prompting … Continue reading

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