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Beware of the “IRS” scammers trying to extort money from you

For a couple of months now I’ve been receiving phone calls from Connecticut and New York phone numbers where people with thick Indian accents—but claiming to be “Jake Johnson” or some other Anglo-Saxon names—trying to convince me they’re from the … Continue reading

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Cuba is changing for the better—but will that kill “The System”?

I remember, growing up in the evil empire of the Soviet Union, nobody could go abroad if the KGB didn’t deem you worthy. Not even to the Soviet satellite states—like Poland or Yugoslavia. If you wanted to go abroad, you … Continue reading

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An interesting dream. Or is it?

I had a dream. Once upon a time, on an unnamed planet, there was an unnamed country. This country was led by two strongmen, one serving as the president and the other as the prime minister. Interestingly, the prime minister … Continue reading

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