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To Maggie

It’s a sad thing to think that I happen to live in times where all great people, my role models, the people who have inspired me, keep passing away. Margaret Thatcher was one of my greatest role models. She helped … Continue reading

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My top 10 books of 2012

Here’s the list of the ten best books I got my hands onto this year. 1. The Family Corleone, Ed Falco I’ll blog about this separately. It probably was the last book I read this year, and I’m absolutely astonished. … Continue reading

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Yes, what she said

Margaret Thatcher wrote in her 1995 book “The Downing Street Years”: There was—and still is—a tendency to regard the ‘German problem’ as something too delicate for well-brought-up politicians to discuss. This always seemed to me a mistake. The problem had … Continue reading

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