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What’s the matter with the Latvian president?

On 30 November 1941, about 24,000 Latvian Jews, previously incarcerated in the Riga Ghetto, were forcibly marched 10 kilometres to the Rumbula forest near Riga, the capital of Latvia. In the freezing cold and snow, men, women, and children were … Continue reading

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The book that will keep the memory of communist oppression alive

Do you know what’s the most powerful weapon a dictatorship can use against the people it wants to rule? It’s fear. People have written poems about it, and Natan Sharansky wrote his excellent book “The Case for Democracy”, about which … Continue reading

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Yes, what she said

Margaret Thatcher wrote in her 1995 book “The Downing Street Years”: There was—and still is—a tendency to regard the ‘German problem’ as something too delicate for well-brought-up politicians to discuss. This always seemed to me a mistake. The problem had … Continue reading

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Berlin Wall 20 years after the fall

It’s no secret that I’m a history freak. And I absolutely adore Berlin because of its unbelievably diverse and difficult history. Almost every spot in this city smells of the old times; every time I go there I find something … Continue reading

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