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How ridesharing has changed our lives for the better

She lives in the Sunset. It’s a neighborhood in west San Francisco, six-seven miles from the downtown area. BART, the Bay Area’s rapid transit system, as it’s called, doesn’t go there. Some buses probably do, but it’s a massive hassle … Continue reading

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Cuba is changing for the better—but will that kill “The System”?

I remember, growing up in the evil empire of the Soviet Union, nobody could go abroad if the KGB didn’t deem you worthy. Not even to the Soviet satellite states—like Poland or Yugoslavia. If you wanted to go abroad, you … Continue reading

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That’s as unlikely as a Libertarian in the White House

Back in the 80ies (yes, yes, I know I am not supposed to remember the 80ies, but I do!) I used to watch a nice comedy show “Family Ties” where Michael J Fox once said, “That’s as unlikely as a … Continue reading

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Cuba, part III: The “people’s” economy

If you haven’t lived in a communist regime, the basics of economy in such a country as Cuba do seem utterly strange, perhaps even idiotic. The reason for that is—they are. Cuba is a totalitarian country and most of its … Continue reading

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