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Beware of the “IRS” scammers trying to extort money from you

For a couple of months now I’ve been receiving phone calls from Connecticut and New York phone numbers where people with thick Indian accents—but claiming to be “Jake Johnson” or some other Anglo-Saxon names—trying to convince me they’re from the … Continue reading

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Al Capone’s first Chicago home—a historical landmark, or at least it should be

In the deep south side of Chicago lay a red brick house that today is used as a two-flat home. It’s in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood, just between the I-90 and the I-94, about 11 miles south from the … Continue reading

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What’s the matter with the Latvian president?

On 30 November 1941, about 24,000 Latvian Jews, previously incarcerated in the Riga Ghetto, were forcibly marched 10 kilometres to the Rumbula forest near Riga, the capital of Latvia. In the freezing cold and snow, men, women, and children were … Continue reading

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The French revolution was a crime against humanity, and heroising it is just stupid

Adlai Stevenson once said, “The time to stop a revolution is at the beginning, not the end.” Had the French authorities done that, the future generations would have been spared from at least a novel, a musical and a musical … Continue reading

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London is burning, thanks to lack of integration

A few years ago, I had a discussion with an acquaintance about loitering youths around my area. I mentioned that I felt disturbed by the fact that local black youngsters loiter around my house, sit on my fence and occasionally … Continue reading

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