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Review: Sling TV—the future of television, with some of its annoying bugs

On Black Friday, I finally got myself an Apple TV after also purchasing a VIZIO. I’ve got to admit, it was long one of my most-desired items and frankly the only Apple gadget we didn’t have in our household (well, … Continue reading

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My first week with the Apple Watch

Last Thursday, a long wait—although shorter than I expected—was over and I finally got my hands on the new Apple Watch. Right before I got the Apple watch, I visited the post 15 Best Field Watches in 2019 and got the … Continue reading

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Why Tim Cook’s coming out matters more than we think

BloombergBusinessweek today published an article by Apple CEO Tim Cook who showed the world he’s even cooler and more inspirational than we knew before. While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now. So … Continue reading

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The first impressions of iOS 7

1. It looks amazing. And yes, I know, many people say Apple is all about looks, but for fuck’s sake, it does look amazing. 2. Everything works. Every app I’ve run so far works. Even the old ones. Except for … Continue reading

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Thank you, Steve Jobs!

It must have been 1998 when I touched an Apple computer for the very first time. It was an iMac G3, sitting alone in the back of the IT department of my then-employer. For a PC-user it certainly felt weird. … Continue reading

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