The Republican Party needs to be the party of common sense—not the opposite

Yesterday the Republican National Committee posted a questionnaire on Facebook asking their fans “to help shape the future of the Republican Party.” I took the questionnaire and answered truthfully according to how I feel, but at the same time I felt that something was missing. What, you ask? All the important issues, all the important questions.

Even though I’m a Republican and, if I could vote in the United States, I would hold my breath and still vote Republican (without even considering voting for Democrats as their agenda is truly repulsive most of the time), I have to say the party line in the recent years has become the negative voice in politics. Instead of trying to solve problems, the GOP is adamant on creating new ones; instead of trying to form an agenda that would lead the country forwards, the Republican Party has become the force of laggers, holding back progress and forgetting that both the times and people have changed.

As such, the Republican Party needs to modernize. The Republican Party needs to understand that it’s the 21st century. They need to realize that being in opposition with everything and everyone—even its former self—will lead to the destruction of it. And then you will really see Obama’s dream of the Communist States of America come true!

In my opinion, the most pressing issues the Republican Party has to address to make itself electable again are (or should be):

1. Be the party of free will. The original conservative value is supporting the people’s right to do what they think is best for them as long as they’re not hurting others. Less regulation, less idiotic rules, less meddling with people’s lives. FREE WILL.

2. Drop your opposition to equal marriage. People have the right to love whomever they want. And it’s not your or anybody else’s business what people do in their bedrooms. LAY OFF.

3. Loosen up on religion. A person’s beliefs are a private matter, you don’t have to go round hitting people with a bible. Free will again, ladies and gentlemen. People want to have the right to believe in what they want to believe in and, moreover, people want to have the right to not believe. RESPECT PEOPLE.

4. Traditions are not good because they’re old. Traditions are old because they’re good. Fight for traditions, but never forget their origins, and never forget that people, nations and their traditions change and that’s a good thing. RESPECT PROGRESS.

5. Stop attacking the government and the president without providing your own solutions on how to fix this broken economy. The Obama administration is doing such a lousy job on every front that this should be a golden goat for you to milk at every corner; however, you guys keep accusing the administration, blocking it and not even trying to come up with any ideas. I get it, it’s fucking easy to shut down the government, but you’ve got to fight for what you believe, not just give up and go home. PUT UP A GOOD FIGHT.

6. Focus on people. You, as the entire United States, are here of the people, by the people, for the people. Listen to what the people have to say, and listen to what they have said so far. Look at the election results in the recent years and draw your conclusions. LISTEN.

7. And for God’s sake, start looking in the future. You’re too stuck in the past, and some of you are too stuck in the ancient past. Think how you can be useful in the future, not how you’ve fucked up in the past. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

Come to your senses, people. This is a great country, this is the country of dreams coming true, the country of ultimate liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and the Democrats are ruining it with their extensive regulation, wasting enormous amounts of money and trying to build something that doesn’t have a place in America. European-style social democracy doesn’t belong in America—and moreover, since the Democrats are trying to go beyond that and build a Soviet Union-style money-wasting planned economy here, you, my dear GOP, are the only people who can stop them.

To do that, you have to regroup and re-think your values and priorities. You have to once again become the voice of reason, the voice of common sense.

Mark my words—common sense will make you electable again.

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