Questions we’ve got to ask ourselves before this crucial election

I tend to agree with many who say that this Tuesday’s presidential election the US may just as well be the most important one of our lives. True, that is said before every major election, but considering how things in the US and the world are going, I think this time we’re right to claim it with confidence.

Here’s a set of questions that every American citizen (which I’m not) should ask themselves:

  • Do I want unemployment to continue to grow?
  • Do I want government interference in my daily life to grow?
  • Do I want the US to borrow itself to its knees and thus end like Greece?
  • Do I want the government to continue recklessly spending my money like there’s no tomorrow?
  • Do I want the government to raise my taxes and take away even more than they do now, especially without giving anything in return?
  • Do I want to maintain the American Dream, the nation of hard workers, the nation of individual responsibility, where everyone can make their own happiness and become whatever they want to become if they put their minds into it?

And here’s a set of questions every citizen of the world (which I am) should ask themselves:

  • Do I want China or Russia to be the world’s policeman instead of the US?
  • Do I want China to gain economic superiority in the world?
  • Do I want Russia to implement their expansionist policies and continue to rebuild a dictatorship at the expense of everyone else?
  • Do I want Iran to gain a nuclear weapon?
  • Do I want the work we’ve done in Iraq and Afghanistan to fall into shambles?
  • Do I want Israel’s neighbours push it into the sea instead of having Israel as an ally of the US and the rest of the Free World?
  • Do I want the inhumane regimes in the Middle East and elsewhere continue massacring their own people?

If the answer to most of these questions is “no”, then there is no choice. Mitt Romney has to win this election.

Now I know he’s not an ideal candidate. Far from it. But he is a clear alternative to today’s appeasement and spending policy the White House is so vigorously implementing.

Instead of ruining the US economy, Mitt Romney will get right to rebuilding it from the disastrous situation it is in. Instead of continuing spending like a maniac on failed policies, he’ll put the brakes on it and start helping people to get back to work and earning money, which they can use to stimulate the economy. That is what people expect from their president.

Instead of bending over to the enemies of the Free World, Mitt Romney will pressure them. Instead of alienating the allies of the Free World, he’ll defend them. That’s what I expect from the leader of the Free World.

We need a hard-working man who knows what he’s doing in the White House. We don’t need a narcissist who loves the sound of his own voice as we’ve had for the last four years.

I hope people will vote wisely on Tuesday.

Mitt Romney will work hard to save America from heading straight into an abyss.

Mitt Romney will work hard to save America from heading straight into an abyss.

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