Obama’s potential challengers

As US President Barack Obama announced on Monday his intention to run for the second term, it’s probably now appropriate to look at his potential challengers from the other side of the political spectrum—who have the Republicans to offer?

Despite Obama’s unpopularity it will certainly be hard for any Republican contender to campaign against him and challenge him at the polls. The incumbent always has more means at his/her disposal than contenders and the President will definitely get more (free) TV-time than anyone trying to “topple” him.

But the Republicans certainly have some quite strong candidates who could unite the party behind them and fight the election. It will be a long and a hard fight, that’s for sure, but the more fulfilling will be the victory on 6th November 2012. And in fairness, considering how sick and tired many Americans are from Obama’s narcissism and useless reforms, I’d say they do have a fair chance to repeat the history and “Carterise” Obama. For the United States and for the world, it’s an absolute must that the Republicans find a candidate that can win.

Probably the most famous potential Republican candidates are Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee. While I am highly sceptical about Sarah Palin’s mental state, she is without a doubt very popular among the conservative base and she has proven to be a valuable asset for the Republican Party. According to news reports, both Palin and Huckabee are expected to make a decision by summer. And while of the two I would definitely back Huck, if Sarah Palin wins the nomination, I would most certainly support her, is she crazy or not.

My favourite in the last election, Fred Thompson, hasn’t yet said whether he would be willing to try again. He would definitely stand a chance as he is rather famous and in addition to acting, he has served in Senate for almost ten years. He is probably also one of the most conservative potential candidates, if not the most conservative, and I think the United States would benefit form his presidency the most.

One name that has been mentioned a lot recently has been former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty. He has already announced the formation of a presidential exploratory committee, which means he is taking his bid seriously. Another serious candidate is former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who also contemplated running in 2008.

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has also expressed interest in running, and so has former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. Potential candidates are also former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, Texas representative Ron Paul and businessman Donald Trump.

I personally would also like to see Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal try his chances. Another person who would make an excellent president would be Condoleezza Rice—but I’m pretty sure she isn’t even considering. Unfortunately.

But the fact is, whichever Republican hopeful wins the nomination, he or she would in every way be a better candidate for the White House than its current resident.

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