It was a good race; now it’s time to look towards the future

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama fought a good fight. It was an interesting race, it was a challenging race, and it certainly was an expensive race—the most expensive in history.

What I’m most surprised about is that Romney lost both Virginia and Florida (well, as of now, Florida hasn’t been called yet, but it looks that way). Of course, rooting for a Romney victory, I was really hoping he’d take both of them plus Ohio. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Now it’s time to look towards the future. We have four more years of President Obama, and no matter what we think of him and his policies, he won fair and square. The people have spoken.

I agree with Mitt Romney’s gracious concession speech: “This is a time of great challenges for America and I pray that the President is successful in guiding our nation.”

Mitt Romney conceding the election.

Mitt Romney conceding the election.

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