How Lambeth council screws its residents—and enjoys it

This is what I see on my street in south Lambeth. The parking suspension is in effect for the third day today—on Thursday it magically appeared and so far, nothing else has happened here. And considering it’s Saturday, I doubt anything will happen before Monday.

It’s a rather crowded street. Quite often it happens that people don’t find parking spots on this street and have to park their cars somewhere else (where, as I have experienced, yobs tend to smash in car windows in order to check out one’s glove box). And this suspension occupies five (yes, FIVE) parking spots.

It doesn’t seem it’s a parking suspension purchased by any of the residents, as there are no signs of that and considering that purchasing a parking suspension is rather expensive, I doubt anyone who’s about to move or transport big goods would be willing to pay for it for longer time than necessary. Thus, the only other possibility is Lambeth council has suspended parking here in order to dig a hole and leave it there for a couple of months. As they usually do.

I do understand that Labour councils hate cars, people who have cars and generally people. Thus this nonsense doesn’t surprise me. However, it makes me bloody angry. By living here and paying (rather outrageous amounts of) council tax people are entitled to have roads and parking spots. And even if there’s a roadwork that needs to be done on this particular spot, it doesn’t give the council a right nor a reason to suspend parking at least four days upfront.

So, the only thinkable reason for doing that is pissing people off. And if elected bodies systematically and deliberately piss people off, they are on the road to oblivion. Hopefully.

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