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Right through the very heart of it / New York, New York

New York, 18-22 May 2013. Chicago photos coming soon.

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Cuba is changing for the better—but will that kill “The System”?

I remember, growing up in the evil empire of the Soviet Union, nobody could go abroad if the KGB didn’t deem you worthy. Not even to the Soviet satellite states—like Poland or Yugoslavia. If you wanted to go abroad, you … Continue reading

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Can your enemy’s friend be your friend?

Written for and published on Estonian World on 9 November. “This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility.” “I will transmit this information to Vladimir.” This exchange happened between US President Barack Obama and Russian then-President Dmitri … Continue reading

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It was a good race; now it’s time to look towards the future

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama fought a good fight. It was an interesting race, it was a challenging race, and it certainly was an expensive race—the most expensive in history. What I’m most surprised about is that Romney lost … Continue reading

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Questions we’ve got to ask ourselves before this crucial election

I tend to agree with many who say that this Tuesday’s presidential election the US may just as well be the most important one of our lives. True, that is said before every major election, but considering how things in … Continue reading

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Ronald Reagan’s lesson—how to handle strikers

I don’t think there’s anything the British people hate more than “industrial actions” by numerous instances, especially the transport system. In London, where millions of people depend on public transport, even a single day of a transport strike disrupts not … Continue reading

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Time to put a Texan in the White House

During my career, I’ve worked with many very smart and many not-so-smart people. I’ve always liked the smart ones better, of course, because I could always learn from them. But ever so often, I have also disagreed with them and … Continue reading

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That’s as unlikely as a Libertarian in the White House

Back in the 80ies (yes, yes, I know I am not supposed to remember the 80ies, but I do!) I used to watch a nice comedy show “Family Ties” where Michael J Fox once said, “That’s as unlikely as a … Continue reading

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Statue of Ronald Reagan in London

On Monday, Foreign Secretary William Hague and former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in London unveiled a bronze statue of one of the greatest politicians of the 20th century—President Ronald Reagan. The statue is at Grosvenor Square in Mayfair, … Continue reading

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Obama’s potential challengers

As US President Barack Obama announced on Monday his intention to run for the second term, it’s probably now appropriate to look at his potential challengers from the other side of the political spectrum—who have the Republicans to offer? Despite … Continue reading

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