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Israel should go “all the way” in Gaza

The editor-in-chief of the Times of Israel, David Horovitz, speculates in his blog post on why Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, is hesitant to go “all the way” in Gaza. He offers a few potential explanations, among them that maybe … Continue reading

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What’s the matter with the Latvian president?

On 30 November 1941, about 24,000 Latvian Jews, previously incarcerated in the Riga Ghetto, were forcibly marched 10 kilometres to the Rumbula forest near Riga, the capital of Latvia. In the freezing cold and snow, men, women, and children were … Continue reading

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Israel votes for strong economy; security-wise for the best there are

According to the latest polls, Israel will tomorrow overwhelmingly vote for the right-wing bloc. Likud-Beitenu (consisting of Likud and Yisrael Beitenu parties) and other centre-right parties are expected to win the election with 64-70 seats in Knesset, which gives them … Continue reading

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When will an Israeli leader find some balls?

Some might think that the ceasefire between Israel and the Hamas terrorists is a good thing. I mean, the fighting will stop and everyone can carry on as normal—what’s there not to like, right? Wrong. The only party the ceasefire … Continue reading

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Happy 63rd birthday, Israel!

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TV miniseries ‘The Promise’: Outrageous anti-Israeli propaganda

British film director Peter Kosminsky is something of a genius. He achieved what many have failed—creating the best recipe for one of the worst anti-Israeli propaganda one can remember from recent history. It’s all really very simple. All you need … Continue reading

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Barak’s departure from Avoda makes Israeli politics clearer

Israel’s Defence Minister and a long-time leader of the Avoda (Labour) party, Ehud Barak announced today that he will leave his party, saying that he was tired of the infighting within the party. In many ways he did what his … Continue reading

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