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Beware of the “IRS” scammers trying to extort money from you

For a couple of months now I’ve been receiving phone calls from Connecticut and New York phone numbers where people with thick Indian accents—but claiming to be “Jake Johnson” or some other Anglo-Saxon names—trying to convince me they’re from the … Continue reading

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UPS can get its feet out if its ass if pressed, but nobody presses

A couple of days ago I complained about how UPS treats its customers by flying parcels around the world and then keeping them stuck at a warehouse instead of delivering them right away. Well, after my parcel had been stuck … Continue reading

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So many questions—and how UPS sucks a golf ball through a garden hose

To honestly tell you the entire tale I have to say that I am not even angry any more. I am just so baffled and confused, and I genuinely want to get answers to my questions on how this utmost … Continue reading

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The company that is even more useless than Royal Mail—United States Postal fucking Service

After five years of having fun with Royal Mail in the UK I really thought it was the worst delivery service in the entire universe. Boy have I been proved wrong. Never ever in my life have I seen a … Continue reading

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What’s the matter with the Latvian president?

On 30 November 1941, about 24,000 Latvian Jews, previously incarcerated in the Riga Ghetto, were forcibly marched 10 kilometres to the Rumbula forest near Riga, the capital of Latvia. In the freezing cold and snow, men, women, and children were … Continue reading

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“Passenger taken ill” is the new signal failure

You’ve got to admit, train companies have used the old “signal failure” excuse for too long and too often. Fortunately, they have now come up with a brand new excuse for their incompetence—and that’s “passenger taken ill”. I do get … Continue reading

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London is burning, thanks to lack of integration

A few years ago, I had a discussion with an acquaintance about loitering youths around my area. I mentioned that I felt disturbed by the fact that local black youngsters loiter around my house, sit on my fence and occasionally … Continue reading

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How Lambeth council screws its residents—and enjoys it

This is what I see on my street in south Lambeth. The parking suspension is in effect for the third day today—on Thursday it magically appeared and so far, nothing else has happened here. And considering it’s Saturday, I doubt … Continue reading

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TV miniseries ‘The Promise’: Outrageous anti-Israeli propaganda

British film director Peter Kosminsky is something of a genius. He achieved what many have failed—creating the best recipe for one of the worst anti-Israeli propaganda one can remember from recent history. It’s all really very simple. All you need … Continue reading

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Sometimes one gets a free downgrade from car rental

At this point I think it’s suitable to blog about an interesting experience that one can basically get in any country. I have rented a car from different rental companies in Cannes, and most of the times, I’ve got a … Continue reading

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