“Catch the Harpy” ebook can be yours for $15.99!

Catch the Harpy.My debut novel, “Catch the Harpy,” could be in your Kindle or other e-reader for only $15.99 if bought directly from me.

As I’ve heard from many people, eagerly waiting for the chance to read the book, in certain countries it’s impossible to buy the ebook from Amazon due to the store’s country limitations.

If you’re in one of those affected countries, here’s what you can do.

PayPal me $15.99 by clicking on the button below.

and let me know whether you prefer the .epub or the .mobi file.

Once the payment clears, I will reply to your email with the file, which you can either read on your computer screen, or add to your e-reader. (If you don’t know how to add books to your e-reader from your computer, then Calibre is a good app for that, but I’m sure there are more. The .epub file can also be read with the iBooks app.)

Get your own “Catch the Harpy” ebook now!

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