Beware of the “IRS” scammers trying to extort money from you

For a couple of months now I’ve been receiving phone calls from Connecticut and New York phone numbers where people with thick Indian accents—but claiming to be “Jake Johnson” or some other Anglo-Saxon names—trying to convince me they’re from the IRS and that arrest warrants have been issued in my name because of some “serious charges” to be pressed against me.

Mostly they leave voicemail messages, and here’s a couple of examples:

Now, I know they’re scammers for many reasons.

1. The IRS never calls you.

2. I don’t owe any taxes.

3. I’ve googled the phone numbers and they’re all listed as scam.

4. A while ago there was a report on CBS about those “IRS investigators” who call people and try to extort money from them. One businessman on the show apparently lost tens of thousands of dollars because of those motherfuckers.

The shitty thing, however, is, that they keep calling me (and probably other people as well) and it’s getting really annoying now—whenever a strange number is calling me, I have no way of knowing whether it’s a legitimate call, or some money scamming prick who claims to be an “IRS investigator.”

A couple of days ago I even took one of their calls. The caller identified himself as something “McGregor,” even though his Indian accent was very clear. I explained to him that he’s an idiot and that he should at least invent himself an Indian name if he wants to keep doing what he’s doing, because not many people named McGregor talk with an Indian accent. But he didn’t want to listen, he kept interrupting me with his “arrest warrant” and “serious charges” bullshit. And when I told him that I would report their entire enterprise to the FBI and told him to go fuck himself and that if I ever find him, I’d bash in his fucking face, he started telling me how “I will fuck your mother, I will fuck your daughter, I will fuck your wife” etc. I hung up and, after he had tried calling me at least five more times, I blocked the number.

Today they had found yet another phone number and started calling me again. Already knowing what to expect, I didn’t pick up, and they didn’t leave a message either. Maybe they’re getting tired of chasing me? Hah, probably not.

The most recent phone numbers they’ve been calling from are New York numbers: (347) 826 3436; (347) 746 2950; (347) 627 0937; (212) 913 9081. Previously they also used Connecticut area codes, but I’ve already deleted the messages.

I realize these scammers are probably hard to find and in order to prosecute them, the police or the FBI first have to arrest them. But I sincerely hope they take this seriously enough to at least look for them and try to put an end to this. Not only are these callers properly annoying; they’re also intimidating to people and, if nothing else, it’s a felony to impersonate a federal officer, which those criminals are doing day in, day out.

From my own part, I will forward these voicemail messages to the FBI and hope for the best. I also hope that other people receiving those calls will google the phone numbers and maybe stumble upon this blog post before they send any money to those crooks.

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