I asked Delta Airlines a simple question on Twitter. What ensued was tragicomical

I’ve been thinking about what to do on New Year’s eve and today I got the idea to check whether flights to Havana were reasonably priced. I have been to Cuba already, but now with the U.S.-Cuban thaw and direct flights being reinstated, I thought I’d give it a try and see what kind of prices we’re looking at.

Living in the metro Atlanta area, the most obvious choice would be Delta Airlines that, according to news reports, had opened a direct flight from ATL to Havana. And that task proved to be much more time consuming and idiotic than I had anticipated.

First, I tried to check the flights on the Fly Delta app on the phone. Nope. “SORRY… Something went wrong.” All right, maybe the servers were having a bad day.

Later in the night, I went to delta.com and tried to search flights on my desired dates. Unfortunately, though, the only flights that popped up were via Miami, with an eight to nine-hour layover.

So what does a modern consumer do when something doesn’t make sense? He goes on Twitter and asks the company what’s happening.

Like a modern company, Delta replied almost immediately.

Wait, what? I have to call somewhere? No, in the 21st century, that won’t do.

Again, a very quick reply followed.

No, I am not calling anywhere.


But then, they resorted to bullshitting tactics.

Say what? “Government regulations”? Jebus wept.

That one is still waiting for a reply.

Meanwhile, American Airlines tweeted this:

Let’s also bear in mind that American apparently doesn’t have the same “government regulations” Delta has, as they would gladly let me book a flight to Havana online. From Charlotte, NC, though, which is ways away, but hey, customer service, that’s the very image of a company.

Of course, I will not be flying to Havana for New Year’s. Because the return ticket costs about $1,000. Which is insane, even for the holiday season. I mean, Havana is a two-and-a-half-hour flight, and a thousand bucks? Dream on.

But at least I now know which airline to prefer in the future for flying anywhere.

(Also, notice the typos the Delta Twitter representative made throughout their tweets!)

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