An interesting dream. Or is it?

I had a dream.

Once upon a time, on an unnamed planet, there was an unnamed country. This country was led by two strongmen, one serving as the president and the other as the prime minister. Interestingly, the prime minister had in past been the president himself, but due to constitutional limitations, he was unable to stay as the president for a very long time, so he appointed a puppet as the next president and became the prime minister.

The prime minister was a very famous man, and all his countrymen loved him. Except for those who didn’t. But they were thrown to jail, so they could not do any harm. The prime minister was also an ex-spy of the country’s feared secret police. The few who didn’t love him, knew he was a dictator who kept the whole country under his paw. But they didn’t matter, because they were in jail.

But the prime minister knew very well that his power can crumble the moment he lets his people loose. The moment he offers his people any hope of freedom, he would be the one who ends up in jail. At the same time, many other countries on this unnamed planet pressured him to offer his people freedom, democracy and human rights. And he needed these other countries, so he developed something he called “his own democracy”—an imaginary democracy.

On the other hand, if there is a democracy, even an imaginary one, how can you still retain the grip over the country? Aha, an idea! You find an enemy that is prepared to kill the people of the unnamed country with no remorse. That enemy is so evil that it is capable of killing scores of people just to prove its evilness. Except that when that enemy doesn’t commit its gruesome killings at the right time, then what do we do?

The prime minister was not a stupid man. In fact, he’s an exceptionally smart man. And since he is an evil dictator, he is thus extremely dangerous. So he comes up with a brilliant idea. When the enemy is not committing atrocities at a crucial time, then why not use the same spy agency that he used to lead, to commit these crimes instead of the enemy, and still blame the enemy? Why not blow up some apartment buildings and kill 300 of his own citizens and then in retaliation bomb the enemy to oblivion? Or, even better, why not blow up one of his own airports and then plan an efficient counter-strike against the enemy? Brilliant, isn’t it.

The next general election in this unnamed country is less than a year away. The next presidential election where the prime minister may try to become the president once again is a little over a year away. So it’s a perfect time to execute the brilliant plan. And what adds to the brilliance—all these other countries on that unnamed planet that have pressured the dictator to reform and build democracy, are suddenly behind him like an army. Can you even imagine of a better plan?

Then I woke up. It was a fucking nightmare.

I’m not sure it was a dream, though. Perhaps it’s just something I made up.

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