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Sten Hankewitz.I am Sten Hankewitz, and I treat you with respect

In today’s world, good copy is hard to come by. Often it seems people are losing their literary skills the moment they learn to write. Texting shorthand has unfortunately found its way to copy that doesn’t have character limitations, and sometimes it seems the entire world has gone crazy when even educated adults confuse “your” and “you’re” or “their”, “there” and “they’re”.

A smart man once said, “Literacy is the basis of a formed opinion. If you can’t express your thoughts correctly, you’re only under the impression that you think.” That’s a principle I abide by.

I’ve worked in the media and with copy since 1998. That’s over 16 years. I’ve written news, features, op-eds, blogs, websites, e-mails, press releases—you name it. I firmly believe in
treating my readers with utmost respect. Therefore, I believe good grammar and style,
and the proper tone of voice is what separates good copy from the bad.

Welcome to the world of good copy.